Maggie McCarthy

     Art in the Park in Columbia was a wonderful show.  The 15,000 patrons were  eager for the return of the show and the organizers treated us like gold.  I had a great show,  as did all my neighbors.   It was a win, win all the way around.  I hope to return next year.  Thank you to all my buyers and to everyone who made the show a success.                                                                                  

     Back in the St. Louis area, I will be at MOSAICS on historic Main Street in St. Charles September 16-18 and the Shaw Art Fair in St. Louis October 8 and 9. I have also applied to the Art Fair at Queeny Park, which I am really looking forward to after all the cancellations due to COVID and renovations to the Greensfelder Center.

     Keep an eye on my web site as I continue to update it.

     Stay safe!

     By the way, I am changing my e-mail address to If you have questions, contact me there.