Artist Statement - maggiemccarthy

My paintings are inspired by the mood, mystery and feeling of a place either real or imagined. My  work often pushes away from detailed representation and goes more towards expressive brush work.  My goal is to have a conversation with the watercolor in order to create a place of feeling and mystery.   Sometimes I control it and sometimes it controls me.

I always say watercolor is like a teenager.  If you over control it, it will rebel.  But if you come at it with a good plan, a confident hand, and some flexibility, it will sing for you.   It is a challenging medium and that's why I love it.

I begin with wet on wet, then glaze, lift and direct painting.  I am careful  not to  over mix my colors on the palette  in order to keep color fresh and flowing as it blends in the wet on wet application. 

 I work on archival Arches 140# and 300# cold press watercolor paper.  My pigments are archival Winsor Newton professional grade and my mats are archival museum quality Bainbridge  Alpharag Artcare , 100% rag.  These are permanent paintings protected by permanent mats and backing.